Domain Name Registration Features To Expect After Buying a Domain Name

Domain name registration is the first step to creating your beautiful site. After registering your domain name, the registrar extends some add-on features, either for free or paid. If you can get a domain name registrar that extends these services for free, the better. Well, here are features to expect after buying a domain name:

Why You Should Go for Dedicated Hosting?

Since the rise in the recent trend where every other business is opting to create a website through which they can do business, there are many providers who are offering free web hosting. Cheap web hosting may seem less pricey than the Canadian web hosting pr USA web hosting, but there are many advantages that

Web Hosting Solutions Which You Can Afford

Web hosting is a process which is necessary if you wish to publish your website online. Your website can only be accessed over the internet if you host it on a server. There are many third parties which provide cheap web hosting services for a small charge. But before you go to that step, you