Buying a Domain Name

Domain name registration is the first step to creating your beautiful site. After registering your domain name, the registrar extends some add-on features, either for free or paid. If you can get a domain name registrar that extends these services for free, the better. Well, here are features to expect after buying a domain name:

Whois Privacy is a vital feature of domain name registration

After registering your domain name successfully, the domain name details are posted to Whois database, and anyone can access them. It’s a good idea to make the details private. Some registrars offer Whois privacy for free. Others charge a fee.

DNS management is an important feature when looking to buy a domain name

Domain name registrars offer a complete DNS management facility. This facility lets you install and manipulate numerous records, such as TXT, A, SVR, CNAME, and MX through their control panel interface.

You get Phone and email support if you buy a domain name

Phone and email support is a critical part of acquiring a domain name. Let’s face it; you’re going to experience glitches with your domain name at some point, and you would want to contact your registrar to fix those issues. Phone and email support will come in handy.

Registrars offer domain name locking after domain name registration

Some domain extensions give you the liberty to implement domain name locks. Domain name lock mitigates accidental altering of Whois records or transfers without your saying so.

You benefit from automated control panel after you buy a domain name

Every registrar has their own unique automated control panel. That means you have complete control of your domain name all the time.

Nameserver control comes with domain name registration

After successful domain name registration, the registrar’s control panel interface lets you implement updates to those servers regularly.

Generate EPP codes are essential for domain transfer after domain name registration

At some point, you may want to transfer your domain name to either .com, .net or to the new generic level domain names such as .hospital, .doctor or .medicine. To do this, you will need an EPP authorization code. Domain name registrars allow you to generate this code without paying a dime.

Domain name registrars allow you to manage your Whois records

Your registrar’s control panel allows you to make changes to or update your Whois records. Changes or updates applied are adjusted in a matter of seconds.


Well, these are among the features you should expect after domain name registration. You may not get all these features if you register domain name free. That’s why you need to research first before buying any domain name