Go for Dedicated Hosting

Since the rise in the recent trend where every other business is opting to create a website through which they can do business, there are many providers who are offering free web hosting. Cheap web hosting may seem less pricey than the Canadian web hosting pr USA web hosting, but there are many advantages that the premium domains have to offer that you can miss out on! To make sure that you get the domain name registration done through an expert service where you are also provided with cloud hosting option along with web hosting. The larger companies offer shared hosting services which might affect your website loading when the traffic increases. Premium web hosting provider offers top-level domains along with dedicated cloud hosting servers which are beneficial for you in the long run!

There are a lot of advantages that you get when you are using a dedicated server, some of them are:

  • The resources of the server are not shared. You have no worries about the RAM or the server’s CPU being loaded or working slowly due to heavy traffic. The server is yours alone, and hence you can manage the resources as per your need and requirement. In case of shared websites, there are chances that poor or faulty scripts of other websites can affect your own loading time and thus become a major put off for your customers.
  • The security is high. Since you are the lone administrator of your website, there is no external threat or fear of shared threat. The website is more stable and provides you with no interference from external sources.
  • A dedicated server is highly customizable; you can adjust the CPU, RAM, and even space as per your needs and requirements. This customization is not available for free web host providers. The software that they would be is limited while the dedicated server provides you with the opportunity to create platforms and interface as per the requirements and design team of the website.
  • The dedicated server also provides the website owners with a unique IP address, in case of shared hosts you are deprived of the opportunity of having a separate IP address.
  • In case, if your website’s requirement is a dedicated server and you do not have the time and resources to manage a server yourself you can hire the dedicated server providers to enhance your services, and at the same time, there will be low or no maintenance costs and no requirement of purchasing the devices.