Web Hosting Solutions

Web hosting is a process which is necessary if you wish to publish your website online. Your website can only be accessed over the internet if you host it on a server. There are many third parties which provide cheap web hosting services for a small charge. But before you go to that step, you must come up with a domain name.

A domain name is an address which is used to access your website. It is also called a URL or web address. There are many types of domain names, and you can pick one according to your needs. Usually, these types are categorized on the basis of the domains extension. The extensions are sometimes also known as Top Level Domains (TLD). There are further subtypes of TLDs.

What is GTLD Name, CCTLD Name, and STLD Name?

There are three types of TLDs. The first is the gTLD or generic top level domain. This is the most common kind of domain extension. Initially, gTLDs used to be restricted to ICAAN approved combinations of letters only. But now, ICAAN has given freedom to site owners to choose their own combination as an extension. They are also available for sale at a lower price. Some examples are ‘.com’ and ‘.edu’.

The second type is ccTLD. CC stands for country code. These are hence specific to country. For example, if you are based in the United States, you can use the extension ‘.us’. Similarly, Russians use ‘.ru’ as extensions for their domain names. The last type is the STLD. These are not freely available for sale. They are privately owned and not very common. Premium domains are also up for sale but at very high prices. You can check who owns a particular website by running it through Domain Whois.

How to select a web hosting provider?

After going through the features and prices, domain names can be selected easily. Once you have finalized the domain name and extension, the domain name registration procedure will be complete. Then comes the time for choosing a cheap or even free web hosting company.

There are many famous USA web hosting companies such as FatCow and HostUpon. There are similar Canadian web hosting service providers too. There are companies all over the world that own specialized servers for this purpose. Cloud hosting services are also available with some providers. Many of them charge a very low price per month. Some also provide a free domain name to you. So you don’t have to purchase one on your own. With so many options available, it has become very easy to launch a website.